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An Illustration

After about a decade of working on a Mac, I’ve decided to switch back to Windows platform, and this is my first vector design on my new Windows-based laptop. So, this is a slightly-stylised imagery of a typical headgear used in Chinese opera. But what is this imagery going to be used for? Stay tuned!

From Concept Sketch to Materialisation on Stage: Secret Bridesmaids’ Business

A rough initial sketch of what I think the set should look like

Note: Blog post first posted at TheatreFace on November 18, 2012, before this blog was set up.

Designing for Secret Bridesmaids’ Business is a rather unlikely thing for me as I have always been designing stylised and/ or abstract sets since my first set design project in college. I always feel that realistic sets is not my forte as I am not a person that like to go into fine details about what should be in the setting.

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My “Attempts” on “Her Life” – Set Design for “Attempts On Her Life”

Note: Blog post first posted at TheatreFace on September 13, 2012, before this blog was set up.

Tomorrow is the closing show for LASALLE College of the Art’s production of Attempts on Her Life, after having its opening show just yesterday. Well not only was the run short, the entire production period was short too. We had our first meeting with the production and creative team on 1 August, and I had to have a finalised set design two weeks later. Fortunately, this show is not really something complicated (as in this is not supposed to be a very techy kind of performance), so the deadline was still manageable for me. The only problem for me, however, is that I did not know how to start my design process, especially so when Stefanos, my director, have had no idea yet during our first meeting.

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