End of Production Season!

September has been a rather hectic month for me as I have 3 productions opening in the span of 2 weeks in mid-September, so imagine the heaps of work I had to do before the bump-in and during the production weeks. I had been busy trying to source for costumes for one play, do up my construction drawings and set plans for another musical, and attending costume fittings and help out with a bit of costume reworking for another ballet. Now that everything is finally over, there seemed to be a void in my heart; all of a sudden, there is no rush for deadlines, no frustration of trying to balance artistic statements with technical issues, and no need to paint sets, sew costumes or rig drapes. Well, such is life in theatre, I guess. When you’re busy, you wish to take a break, and when it’s finally time to rest, you wish to be back in the theatre!


Author: aaron yap

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