Attempts on Her Life

Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, September 2011
Director: Stefanos Rassios
Set Designer: Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan
Produced by BA(Hons) Acting Programme, LASALLE College of the Arts

Attempts on Her Life is an unique script which can have limitless ways of interpretation and presentation. For this version, Anne/ Annie/Anya/ Anuskha is “objectified” as the essence of humanity. She existed as a lover in one scene, a terrorist in later on and a car in another. Her omnipresence is like the godly figures in many religions that has different manifestations.

The set aims to evoke the sense of paying homage to humanity. A pool similar to a ritual pool is set in the middle of the space where gospel-like text are narrated by the actors. Fluorescent tubes are hung over the pool, mostly unlit in the beginning when Anne is still in disjointed state, get lighted up together in the finale when the picture of Anne finally gets pieced together.