Production photos courtesy of NUS Dance Synergy

On the Shoulders of Giants

UCC Hall, University Cultural Centre, June 2018
Choreographers: Yarra Ileto, Albert Tiong, Goh Shou Yi
Set Co-designers: Tommy Wong, Aaron Yap
Lighting Co-designers: Tommy Wong, Aaron Yap
Media Designer: Zhuo Zihao
Produced by NUS Dance Synergy

On the Shoulders of Giants explores the dynamic and complex relationships between the current generations of young adults with the “giants” behind them, be it their predecessors, or the societal system.

To create the impression of giants, 3 gigantic and organic structures were designed. Wrapped in see-through mesh, these structures also represented the invisible forces and impact these “giants” have on the current generation. A slanted “ceiling” was also designed to cut through the “giants” at certain points, suggesting either as an oppressive force, or as a breakthrough point into higher levels, depending on how one looks at it.

In terms of lighting, most parts of the dance was washed in cool white, suggesting the uncertainty and angst that the current generation feels. At times, however, the lighting ventured into more vibrant tones, as the dance goes into more celebratory mood.