Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, August 2009
Director: Stefanos Rassios
Set Designer: Cynthia Han, Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Josiah Yoong
Produced by BA(Hons) Acting programme, LASALLE College of the Arts

Although being a deconstructed, condensed and highly-stylised version of the ancient Greek play, Oresteia stayed true in essence for its high-drama quality. As such, the stage was set with a warp raised platform in the center of the acting space, giving a heightened dramatic hint of what the play is about to offer.

For most part of the play, actors performed behind a clear PVC sheet, which is a deliberate attempt to alienate them from the audience; although the audience can still see the actors, but they know there is something between them, giving a sense of the characters being trapped in a world of their own and neither can the audience nor the characters themselves do anything to escape from it.