Peter and Blue’s Forest Adventure 

Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, May 2010
Choreographer: Janek Schergen
Set Designer: Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Alberta Wileo
Costume Designer: Aaron Yap
Produced by Singapore Dance Theatre

Peter and Blue’s Forest Adventure is a ballet targeted for children. As such, the set is to look whimsical and fantasy-like to cater to the young audience. Everything in the set do not look anything realistic: from backdrop to painted borders and legs and even props. Every part of the set has an unreal, cartoonish quality, and together with the bright colour scheme used, enhances the fairy-tale quality of the ballet.

As a ballet targeted for children, the costumes should evoke the impression of whatever the characters are without being too literal. Some “modern” elements are added to the design of the costumes as a juxtaposition, like the waistcoat and knee-length trousers (60s-70s look) for the general silhouette for the “fantasy” male characters and regular dresses for their female equivalent.