Singapore Youth Opera Showcase 2023

Drama Centre Theatre, Aug 2023
Set Designer: Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Aaron Yap
Produced by Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore)

Singapore Youth Opera Showcase is an annual production produced by Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore) for young Chinese opera performers to showcase their artistry. As this is an informal showcase platform, one of the key element for design is to create a theatrical space elegant enough to support the performance of the young actors, without needing to spend too much to recreate new sets.

The final design was a mashed up of set pieces taken from previous productions, as well as some rented set pieces. The only newly created items are 2 sets of printed borders and legs that matches the Chinese opera headgear portal at the back. The portal and these newly printed sets of borders and legs are visual symbols of Chinese opera, which can also be used for similar productions by the centre in future.