The Maids

Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, November 2010
Director: Stefanos Rassios
Set Designer: Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan
Produced by BA(Hons) Acting Programme, LASALLE College of the Arts

This version of The Maids is performed in 2 acts, one act performed by an all-male cast and another performed by an all-female cast, While the plot for both acts are exactly the same, they are interpreted differently by the different cast, and both interpretations are acted out in different settings; the location for the male cast is set in a temporary office in a construction site whereas the female cast sets their version in a cheap hotel. Both settings have some common themes: claustrophobic spaces, play-acting and voyeurism. In order to achieve a cohesive look for the set, unifying elements that represent these common themes were use. The tight acting space (partitioned out of the black box theatre with rostrums and flats) suggested claustrophobia, the usage of live video-feed suggested play-acting and vertical blinds that opens and closes during segments of the play suggested voyeurism.