The Merry Widow

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, October 2014
Director: David Edwards
Set Designer: Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan
Produced by Singapore Lyric Opera

The set concept for The Merry Widow is conceived from the idea that this operetta works better being staged more like a musical, and that the set should be a representation of the “ideal world” of the characters in the story, their longing for love and hope. To go in line with this concept, as well as keeping to the time period that this operetta is set in (1920s),  an elegant, non-representational flight of staircase in the style of Art-Deco was designed as the central feature of the set, and the location of each act was further defined by various subtle signifiers. Together with lighting, the set aimed at creating a symbolic and somewhat surreal world in which the characters of the operetta reside.