The Rishi and Sharul Show

Goodman Arts Centre Black Box, Singapore, April 2015
Director: Engie Ho
Set Designer: Aaron Yap
Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan
Produced by Rishi Budhrani and Sharul Channa

With a very tight production budget and having to stage it in a black box theatre that was close to being completely bare, the challenge here was how to create a set that is aesthetically pleasing and yet provide adequate masking for the performers and ASMs from the view of the audience. Fortunately for this production, the producer of this show was also the producer for another recently staged show that I designed. Hence with permission from the other theatre company, I borrowed their entire set, deconstruct and rearranged them and gave them a fresh coat of paint. With the help of some other decorative touches, we now have a set consisting of abstract blocks that is visually interesting that is functional as well. The blocks are decorated with framed photographs of the two comedians (actually just printed photographs mounted on foam boards with edges outlined by coloured cloth tape), reinforcing the set as being the “universe” of which these two comedians resides in, and the audience are being invited into their “universe” for a night of intimate comedy.